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😕 south korea
😍 south korea, japan

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if you are a ghost, you are legally obligated to tell me!

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there are 2 wolf inside of you:

  • one is obsessively checking emails every 2 minutes
  • another is actively denying the need to answer every one of them for 6 months
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the pipeline from animal shelter to backyard coyotes is made of samurai swords

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release the lifelong regrets of never being able to choose between two wrongs

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The Three-Body Problem

so one is in my bathroom, drowned
another is in my garage, suffocated
and the third one is technically alive in my basement, still starving

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This is a wug: 🐦 Now there is another one: 🐦🐦. There are ___ wugs.

you didnt account for dark wugs

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prove that 1+1=2

1+x = 2
x = 2 - 1
x = 1
=>> 1+1=2


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