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if bad apple is so good, why no good apple bad?

Today, 11:11

dating app for rust developers: u32?

Today, 10:45

«long term thinking»

long term, do you mean like after lunch?

tbh, after lunch is exactly when my thinking stops

Today, 07:38

promoting independent artists makes them depended on you

which is like the opposite of what they supposed to be

so, don't promote them, or they'll come back for even more promotions later, and bring the entire band with them

Today, 07:35

ExcelGPT sees a girl smile and just assumes its a date

Today, 07:28

ttRPC — table top remote procedure call

Today, 04:55

from my point of view, cremation is a crime against nature

like sure, use fire, but take the corpse out when it's ready to eat

Today, 04:15
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or dont play long enough to become a videogame journalist

Today, 02:14

stealing money is the fastest way to get rich #eth

Today, 02:02

it could be worse, sun could emit ultra violent lice

Today, 01:44